Sarah Pearl Anderson


Auburn High School Junior Sarah Pearl has been awarded a scholarship to attend supplemental violin lessons this summer at The Music Academy Rockford.

check out The Music Academy in Rockford for information on classes and events! 

In Sarah Pearls own words..

“I began violin at age five with the Music Academy in Rockford under MaryAnn Anderson, then Rachel Handlin. I am a part of many local music groups, such as Measure 5, RSYO, and Music Academy Saturday Classes, and music has always been a big part of my life. After receiving the Rockford Area Music Industry (RAMI) scholarship, I began Music Academy piano lessons at age nine with Ann Olsen, then Tricia Jeske. Since then, music has become a more significant role in my life, not only spending more time practicing both instruments but getting more involved with the communities of piano and violin. Creating music with other local musicians produces much joy for me and allows me to expand on my music.”

“In 2022, I played at various events, such as the Greenwich Village Art Fair, UIC Medical School Annual Research day, and Paleofest at Burpee Museum. Most recently, I have done the Nie Young Scholarship Competition PreCollegiate Division for both Piano and Violin, the Rock Valley Concerto Competition, and the 2023 Chandler Starr Miller Scholarship Competition Piano Performance Recognition Award and am one of their Violin Finalists. In the past, I went to the Birch Creek Symphony Camp in Door Country, Wisconsin, last year for piano, with Jodie DeSalvo as my piano faculty member. I have applied to go to Birch Creek again for violin this coming summer. Last summer, I interned at the San Francisco Symphony, which has given me more insight into the intricacies of the professional music world. I am currently the Second Violin Principle at RSYO, and in the immediate future, I would love to become the concertmaster there. Becoming a concertmaster would make me a vital music community member and leader."

Sarah Pearl plans on pursuing musical education and physics/math in college. The money from this scholarship will provide her with more lessons to prepare for college auditions.

Congratulations Sarah Pearl!