Joey Domino


RPS 205 Guilford High Sophomore Joey Domino was awarded a scholarship to help support his passion for playing the viola with the Music Academy in Rockford!

I am honored to be the first recipient of a scholarship from the Rockford Fine Arts Coalition. I greatly appreciate their acknowledgement of my love for music and their support in helping me strengthen my skills through The Music Academy.

My story began at Carlson Elementary School, where I had the privilege of having Mr. Vega as my first music teacher. Mr. Vega was an energetic, fun and inspiring teacher that I will always hold deep respect for. Every year RPS hosts an “Instrument Petting Zoo” providing all 5th grade students an opportunity to try different instruments to help them decide if they want to pursue an interest in music. This event revealed my passion for strings and I initially leaned towards the Violin.

In the fall I started Orchestra at Eisenhower Middle School, where Mr. Derango became my new music teacher. Mr. Derango encouraged me to try the Viola and my passion grew even stronger. Mr. Derango had a special way of connecting with students and I really enjoyed my time with him.

A former neighbor, Trudy Anderson, referred my parents and I to The Music Academy to help fine tune my skills and progress with better focus and accuracy. The Music Academy has helped me with my strengths and weaknesses, and provides growth opportunities outside of school. My instructor is Brandon Lamm, his dedication and respectful nature makes him easy to relate to and he is a wonderful asset to The Music Academy.

I would like to thank my parents for instilling in me a natural desire for music and supporting me in all that I do. Thank you to RPS, for the Instrument Petting Zoo and the opportunities Orchestra provides, and special thanks to my wonderful teachers Mr. Vega, Mr. Derango and Mr. Ewert.

Thank you to The Music Academy for their contribution to our community, providing instructors like Brandon Lamm, and for the additional opportunities made available with the thoughtful insight of Director Marti Frantz. Thank you to Trudy Anderson for referring me to The Music Academy.

Finally, thank you to the Rockford Fine Arts Coalition, for providing a scholarship that will help me continue along my path and for supporting me in my endeavors.

Congratulations Joey!