Emma Carmona 

Scholarship RECIPIENT

Emma has been awarded a partial RFAC scholarship to attend the NIU 2021 Summer Visual Arts Camp to support her passion for art! 

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Emma’s art teacher at Jefferson describes her as an outstanding student who is a class leader.

 “She has been involved in voluntary summer programs as well as extracurriculars such as "Poetry Out Loud" and Arts Place. She is an overall excellent student and artist!” ~ Lynn Stockton 

Emma says: “When I was a toddler, I would sit and watch my grandmother draw these beautiful images of horses trotting in a grassy field. As I got older, I would begin to draw with her, growing my skill while simply having fun. I never would have thought that attempting to draw horses would lead me to where I am today. For two summers, I’ve attended RAAC Arts Place, which has allowed me to meet amazing artists and learn how to strive in the art community. In my free time, I’ll sit in my room and work on art, whether it be a graphite drawing, gouache painting, or ink illustration. In the future, I hope to continue being an artist. I want to strive in life while doing something that I love, and I feel like this opportunity could help me gain even more experience.” 

Congratulations Emma! 

Update on NIU Visual Arts Camp RFAC scholarship recipient! 

This summer Emma Carmona virtually attended the Visual Arts NIU Camp. Alumni artists and arts educators worked with participants to improve foundational design skills, explore different media and methods, learn about preparing college admissions portfolios, and more. “The week I spent virtually with the NIU Art Camp was fantastic! It was an amazing experience to learn from artists and gain new skills alongside others who are just as passionate about art as I am. ” - Emma