About RFAC 

Rockford Fine Arts Coalition

Rockford Fine Arts Coalition was created in 2018 by a group of Rockford Public Schools parents, employees and community members who wanted to generate supplemental funding for fine arts programs in RPS 205. Rockford Fine Arts Coalition's mission is to preserve, support and promote fine arts programs and facilities in Rockford's District 205 public schools.


Our mission is to preserve, enhance, and promote the Rockford Public Schools Fine Arts programs. 

Our vision is to raise supplemental funding that will be used to support the Arts to advance student progress in the classroom, develop programming, and equip students with 21st Century skills for future success. 

Our Plan for Investing in students

Raise supplemental funding that will be awarded to support individual students. 

Award scholarships for students to attend camps, classes, or receive individual instruction to develop them as artists and citizens.